Song ordering information

1) Format selection

Most people will choose the increasingly popular MPEG-4 format (also known as AAC or informally as MP4; specifically it is a .m4a file).  If that applies to you, you need not read any further.

The MPEG-4 format is widely supported and is a successor of MP3 that requires less storage space to achieve the same quality level.  However, the MP3 format is also available.  Both formats are encoded using a constant bit rate of 256 kbps so the file sizes are approximately the same. But the MPEG-4 file will be of a higher quality.

While lossy formats such as MPEG-4 and MP3 dominate the downloaded music landscape, our music is also available in high resolution formats at a small price premium.  As the file sizes are larger, these formats are less attractive for portable players and generally are stored on a CD, DVD or a computer hard drive.  While our MPEG-4/MP3 versions have excellent quality, the high resolution formats do have subtle differences, especially at the highest resolution, provided you have suitable playback equipment.  

The high resolution formats are compressed using a lossless compression so downloading will be faster.  We currently provide the APE and FLAC formats, which are supported on many platforms.  Please confirm compatiblity with your software before purchasing.

After making a purchase, you can later upgrade to a higher quality format (but you can only purchase one license for the same song), though there is a small service charge for upgrading.  The current pricing can be found in the Song pricing section below.

One final note regarding the DVD-Quality resolution.  A song in this format may be mixed slightly differently.  For example, a larger dynamic range may be used.  The expectation is the listening environment and playback system will support this enhanced level of quality.

The format choices are shown below. Each option lists the format(s) available for your purchase and the approxiate file size for a 4 minute song.

MP3 (.mp3) option: (256 kbp encoding)

  • MP3 - (7.37 MB)

MPEG-4 (.m4a) option: (256 kbp encoding)

  • MPEG-4 - (7.43 MB)

CD-Quality (.ape) option: (44.1KHz at 16 bits)

  • APE - (19.0 MB)
  • Plus the MPEG-4 option

CD-Quality (.flac) option: (44.1KHz at 16 bits)

  • FLAC - (20.3 MB)
  • Plus the MPEG-4 option

DVD-Quality (.ape) option: (96KHz at 24 bits)

  • APE - (66.7 MB)
  • Plus all formats available with the CD-Quality (.ape) option

DVD-Quality (.flac) option: (96KHz at 24 bits)

  • FLAC - (71.7 MB)
  • Plus all formats available with the CD-Quality (.flac) option

2) Song pricing

Song Price Upgrade Price
MP3 or MPEG-4 CD-Quality DVD-Quality MP3/MPEG-4 to CD-Quality MP3/MPEG-4 to DVD-Quality CD-Quality to DVD-Quality
$1.50 $2.00 $2.50 $0.75 $1.25 $0.75

3) Charity selection

The proceeds from a particular song can only be distributed to certain 501(3)(c) organizations as listed on the song page.  If the Charity Earmark field on the order form is left blank, Mediatrix Media will decide which of these organizations will receive the funds, which includes the extra donation amount. But if Charity Earmark is specified, then the proceeds plus any extra donation in its entirety (minus transaction fees and tax collected) will be sent to the designated organization.  (Note: you can only choose one organization.)

4) Payment selection

At present, besides Mediatrix Media gift certificates, we only support Amazon Payments, as detailed below.  Sorry, only orders from customers residing in the USA are currently supported.

Amazon Payments

When using Amazon Payments, you first login using your Amazon account.  If you don't already have an account with Amazon, simply choose "New Customer" on the Login page to setup an account.   After logging in, you are then transferred back to the order form, which uses Amazon's Address Book and Wallet widgets to simply data entry.

5) Gift certificates

Our gift program is an easy way to give the gift of music.  We even have a proxy feature to give to those without internet access.  The gift program is simple and mostly self-explanatory, but complete detailed instructions are given below.  However, the Rules sections should be read and understood as that defines the binding usage rules.

Purchasing gift certificates

To purchase gift certificates, open the order form and enter the number of certificates you want to purchase in the Gift Qty field.  If you have not already purchased a license for yourself and desire one, enter 1 in the Personal Qyt field.  Otherwise, set the Personal Qyt field to 0.  The Total Qyt field will reflect the number of song licenses that you are purchasing.  Then complete the order form as if ordering for yourself, even if only purchasing gift certificates.  Namely, you should be using your own email and enter your own shipping address on the Shipping page, etc.

Sending gift certificates

To send a gift certificate, login to the Patron Portal and go to the Manage Gifts tab.  An active gift set number will be selected, displaying a line for each gift certficate that you have purchased.  Click the Edit button on an "Available" line and enter the name and email of the gift recipient.  The line’s status will change to "Ready".  If you need to make changes, click the Edit button again and modify the values.  Otherwise, click the associated Send button.  In the Send dialog that opens, enter a gift note if you wish, and then click the Submit button to send the gift certificate to the recipinet.  The status will now display "Sent".  Repeat these steps if you wish to send other certificates at this time, and then logout.

When the recipient redeems the certificate, you will receive an email from us to notify you that the certficate has been redeemed.  If you were to login again, the line for that recipient would display as "Redeemed".  If the recipient declines the gift or is taking to long to respond, click on the Revoke button.  In the Revoke dialog that opens, mark the "Send notification email" checkbox if you wish to notify the recipient that the certificate will be cancelled.  If the recipient is expecting this because they have notified you that they declined, you don't need to bother them with an email.  Otherwise, you should send a notificiation, entering an explanation in the Revoke Note if desired.  Then click the Submit button whereupon the recipient data is erased and the line status will return to "Available".


  • Gift certificates expire after 40 days from the transaction date of the gift set number.
  • Any unredeemed gift certificates after the expiry date will be closed out with a closing transaction.  The remaining balance from unredeemed certificates (plus any remaining amounts from redeemed certificates) will be treated as a donation.
  • If sales tax is collected when redeeming a gift certificate, the unit price will be slightly reduced so the total amount equals the gift certificate amount.  See the below Sales Tax section for further details.
  • Proxy mode is reserved exclusively for recipients without internet access.
  • Proxy recipients must understand and abide by the WebStore Terms of Use.
  • Proxy recipients are not eligible for format upgrades or Patron Portal access.
  • Proxy recipients cannot reimburse the purchaser for the price of the gift certificate.

Sales tax

As gift certificates have a fixed value but the sales tax can vary, a dynamic pricing model is used.  This can result in a reduced unit price and even a donation amount or a remaining amount when a gift certificate is redeemed.  Examples of the various cases are illustrated below:

  • Sales tax is $0.00  Unit price is the full amount: $1.50
  • Sales tax is $0.10  Unit price is reduced: $1.40
  • Sales tax is $0.10  Unit price: $1.39  Donation: $0.01  (tax rate makes $1.50 total impossible)
  • Sales tax is $0.10  Unit price: $1.39  Remaining not redeemed: $0.01  ($1.50 total is impossible)

The last example is only possible if the donation amount is taxable.  This will result in a closing transaction with the unredeemed penny marked as a donation for the sender.  But as far as is known, donations are not taxed so these cases seem to be only theoretical.

Charity selection

When purchasing gift certificates, the Charity earmark will be used for 1) the personal license amount, 2) the dontation amount, 3) the closing amount.  The Charity earmark defaults to blank for those redeeming a gift certificate: they are free to choose who will receive the proceeds.


When purchasing gift certificates, the Song format must be MP3 or MPEG-4.  When also purchasing a license for yourself, select the format that you want.  For recipients redeeming a gift certificate, the Song format defaults to MPEG-4 but they can change it to MP3 if they desire.


A notification email is sent for following event:

  • When a certificate is redeemed, the sender is notified by Mediatrix Media of which recipient has accepted a gift.  This email also provides the list of any pending certificates that have not yet been redeemed.

Important: While our notification system is reliable, we cannot guarantee that all notifications will be sent or be received.  The purchaser has the sole resonsiblity of managing gift certificates to ensure they are redeemed before the expiry date.  Currenty, we do NOT send notifications when certificates are about to expire or when a recipient declines.

Proxy mode

Want to give a gift certificate to someone who doesn't have an email address?  This is possible with our proxy feature.  The following steps described how it works.  Please read all steps before beginning to ensure you will be able to complete the process because the proxy recipient cannot be changed after the certificate is redeemed.

  • Ensure the recipient agrees to the WebStore Terms of Use.  The main restriction is they cannot share their personal copy of the song by making copies for others.  If they request it, print a copy of the WebStore Terms of Use.
  • Purchase the gift certificate(s) using the regular procedure described above.
  • Edit an "Available" gift line, entering the recipient’s First and Last Name, but enter your own Email address.
  • After you tab off the Email field, the proxy mode indicator will display.  Click the Submit button to finish editing and then send the certificate using the Send button.
  • After receiving the the gift certificate email, open the Order Form, select Redeem Gift Certificate, enter the certificate number, click Verify and then click Next.
  • On the Order page, choose the Format and Earmark, then click Next.
  • On the Verify page, click Next.
  • On the Shipping page, enter the recipient's address information (NOT your own address), then click Next.
  • On the Finish page, click Redeem Certificate.
  • The invoice page will display after processing completes.  Now, download a copy of the song.
  • Make one copy for the recipient.  Typically, you will burn a CD containing the song (and hence will generally choose the MPEG-4 format).
  • Print a copy of the invoice.  Give the song and invoice to the recipient.
  • You're done!  This is a long list of steps, but it shouldn't take long.