Warning: distributed contraception


This warning applies to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB).  Catholic Relief Services has a long history of violations that is too long to be summarized here.  (see here for brief history of some of the serious concerns).

Catholic Medical Mission Board is a new comer to the game, in terms of being caught, though their involvement with condoms probably spans a decade.  (see here for details)

CRS and CMMB are both excellent organizations that have and continue to do much good.  It is sad to see them seriously damage their reputations.  But the end does not justify the means.  Promoting and distributing contraception is explicitly opposed to constant teaching of the Catholic Church.  This is a grave matter and has been at times large scale.  For example, CRS once stored/dispensed 2.25 million of contraception units (mostly condoms) in Congo, which included over 200,000 doses of abortifacient contraceptives.

By contract, Mediatrix Media can only distribute our proceeds to the three organizations listed on the “For You” webpage.  Back then, it was believed these were solidly Catholic charities.  Yet, it is hoped these organizations will amend their ways: so their actions will coincide with their public policy.

At present, earmarking donations to these two organizations is still permitted.  Their current compliance (and future) is unknown as violations are only exposed over time.  As such, we leave it to the discretion of our patrons if they wish to support them.  However, Mediatrix Media is considering searching for replacement charities with the goal of amending the contracts and updating our ordering system to handle the change.