sammy's first day


Finally, the moment arrived -- Sammy enters the glories of Heaven!  Though enveloped in the celestial beauty and peace, he soon finds himself on a minibus.  Jesus says, “I have a surprise for you.”  With that, the bus leaves Heaven and heads toward what looks like a city engulfed in flames.

Sammy cries out, “We’re going to Hell!” The lady next to him explains, “Not so.  That place is behind us.”  Sammy turns and sees in the distance a much larger burning mound. The lady continues, “This is simply a short visit to Las Vegas.”  As she spoke, a huge bus sped past them in the other lane, and with screaks too horrible to describe, soon plunges into the fiery abyss straight ahead.

As the sounds of terror and despair multiply, Sammy’s eyes grow wide as another bus flies by and passes through the fast approaching burning entrance.  As they too were about to drive into this torture chamber, a small bright gateway appears: they veer to the right and enter a separate space.

Leaving the bus, Sammy is again enveloped in the celestial beauty.  The place is much smaller, but it is Heaven!  Though Sammy is much perplexed with the two different locations and thus turns to the Lord for an explanation.  Jesus answers, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”



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