Catholics and Protestants share many common beliefs, but also differ in many areas.  The Sweepstakes and the associated essay do not attempt cover this.  Instead, the focus is very narrow.  Namely, this is a logical investigation of Sola Scriptura as proposed by the Reformers.

The conclusion is that Sola Scriptura contains an intrinsic contradiction.  Specifically, without an infallible authority, it impossible to determine the canon of the Bible.  See The Only Honest Protestant for a basic proof of this assertion.

While the Sweepstakes is a bit tongue-n-cheek, the implications are devastating.  A logical contradiction on a foundational point is quite serious.  However, Catholics have always alluded to this, a recent example being the expression: “Bibles don’t grow on trees.”  What is new here is the purely logical approach (as much as theologically possible).

The Sweepstakes is constructed so that it is impossible to win.  However, it is constructed using the logic of the Protestant Reformation.  Its purpose is to help drill home that there is no home outside of the Catholic Church.  Faithful Catholics are encouraged to take a few minutes, make a small purchase, and pledge to fund the grand prize.  (An option to pledge is part of the order form, whose link may be found on the For You song page.)



Official Rules

Summary of Rules for Pledging

The pledgee promises to pay $40 to the first person who can infallible determine the Protestant Bible canon.  If the pledgee is Catholic, they cannot acknowledge a solution as infallible as that would contradict the infallible definition of the Catholic canon**.  Each pledgee has the sole authority to interpret the Official Rules as applied to themselves.


No purchase is necessary to win.  The grand (and only) prize is to be paid directly by the pledgees to the winner.  Mediatrix Media will not participate in the transfer of funds.  The winner must assume the full liability that collecting the prize would incur, such as any applicable taxes.  If multiple winner entries are discovered, the one that was published publically first will be the sole winning entry.

The deadline for a winning entry is midnight of December 31st, 2022.  However, Mediatrix Media reserves the right to reduce this by as much as 90 days.  Therefore the deadline can be changed, at any time, to as early as October 2nd, 2022.  This only seems reasonable as a sweepstakes should contain at least some element of randomness and chance.

Entry Submission:

Entries can be submitted to anyone EXCEPT Mediatrix Media.  Mediatrix Media will not be the judge of this matter, nor the arbiter of submissions.  The winning entry must satisfy the below criteria:

  • The solution must affirm the complete canon as proposed by the Reformers.
  • The solution must reject the Apocrypha and all other works.
  • The solution must conform to the Reformation’s assertion that the Church is not infallible.
  • The solution must be manifestly correct, and definitively so, and generally accepted by any reasonable Protestant.
  • The solution must be concrete, clear and non-arbitrary; thus, being outside the realm of mere theological opinion.  In a word, the validity of the solution must be self-evident.

Pledgee Conditions:

The pledgee promises to promptly pay the winner $40 (USD) in the event a manifest winning entry becomes publically known.  A purchase from Mediatrix Media is necessary to make the pledge.  Gift recipients are eligible to pledge, including proxy customers.  See Gift Certificates for the details of our gift certificate program.

Mediatrix Media will not release the names or any other identifying information about the pledgees.  Mediatrix Media will provide, at intervals per internal discretion, the total pledged amount; and may further disclose subtotals per region provided pledgee privacy is maintained.

Mediatrix Media assumes no obligation to send notification if a winner entry becomes manifest, though it reserves the right to comment on the validity of submissions, in a non-binding fashion, for pledgees.

The pledgee shall accept a submission as being the winning entry if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The entry satisfies all of the criteria for a winning entry as specified in the above Entry Submission section wherein the solution must be infallible.
  • If the pledgee is Catholic, they cannot affirm the solution is infallible since that would contradict the infallible definition of the Catholic canon.**


The judiciary power to construe the Official Rules of the Sola Scriptura Sweepstakes resides solely with each pledgee via their private interpretation of the rules.


** It may be objected that requiring the winning solution to be infallible wherein a Catholic must deny it is infallible makes receiving any money from Catholic pledgees impossible, hence, the sweepstakes is rigged.  This is not true.  An actual winning entry would infallibly prove the Catholic Church is fundamentally wrong on an essential point.  Upon that, it would be extremely likely that pledgees would leave the Church in droves whereupon they would then be obligated to pay the winner.

Though granted, from the Catholic perspective, it is strictly impossible for a winning entry to exist.  Furthermore, beyond Church teaching, the companion essay effectively proves this impossibility on logical grounds alone.  All of which highlights the main point of this exercise.

The Reformers denial of infallibility exposes the claim of “the Bible is all you need” to be intrinsically false.  For what they actually said in terms of logic was: “Here is what we say is the Bible.  Listen to us.”  Still worse, they claimed “and you get to say what the Bible means.”  This is the circular mess of authority created by the Reformers, to which there is no solution.

And that, if honestly examined by Protestants, should help them leave behind the nonsense they have been taught, and so find their way to the only true Church, the indestructible Catholic Church that Jesus Christ built on the solid rock of Peter.